Digital Communication

Assignment : 1

6 Semester – February 2014


  1. Draw and explain basic block diagram of digital communication system.
  2. What is the importance of Source coding in Communication system?
  3. What is the importance of channel coding in Communication system?
  4. Search out the different frequency used by different cellular service provider for mobile communication.
  5. What are the two major resources in Communication system and explain in details?
  6. State and explain important parameter for following blocks in communication system.

(1)   Source coder

(2)   Channel coder

(3)   Modulator

  1. Which particular communication use wire and wireless media for transmission of modulated wave?
  2. What are the modulation techniques is used for communication techniques?
  3. Draw comparative diagram for ASK, FSK and BPSK signal along with digital signal.
  4. Explain how parity check coder is used at channel coder.
  5. What is difference between analog modulation techniques to digital modulation techniques.

(e.g. Why we say FSK compared to FM)