What is GEC Bharuch? Where it is located?
  • GEC Bharuch is one of Bachelor Of Engineering College Out of  eight new Government engineering colleges which was established in 2004.It is administrated by Education Department, Gujarat state. 
  • GEC Bharuch got the 1st Rank in zone 5 and 9th Rank for GTU BE 7th semester Winter Examination 2013.
  • it is located at Opp. Govt. Guest House, Bholav , Bharuch, Gujarat, India – 392002.

What is the difference between BE & B.Tech.?

  • Practically nothing. BE is bachelor of engineering & B.Tech. is bachelor of technology. In Maharashtra most of the universities have named the engineering course as BE while IIT’s & few Autonomous institutes like COE, Pune named it B.Tech.

 Are there any seats reserved for female candidates?

  • 30% seats are reserved in every branch of engineering except Mining Engineering.

Contact To Institute:

                                 Ph: (02642) 227054 
                                 Fax : (02642) 227054
Principal   gecbharuch [at ] yahoo [ dot ] co.in
                     principal  [ at ] gecbharuch [ dot ] com

Department of E.C. : headecd [ at ] gecbharuch [ dot ] com

Department of Electrical Engineering : headeed [ at ] gecbharuch [ dot ] com

Department of Mechanical Engineering : headmed [ at ] gecbharuch [ dot ] com

What is important, Branch or College?

  •  if you are clear about branch selection then college selection becomes secondary but if you are not sure about which branch to select or confused between 2 or 3 branches or ready to take up any branch then do give preference for good college 
Departments at Government Engineering College –

  • Department of Electronics & Communication
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Applied Mechanics
  • Department of Administrations
Facilities at Government Engineering College – 
  • Library
  • Laboratories
  • Class Rooms
  • Computing Facility
  • Work Shop
  • Gymkhana
  • Placement Cell
  • Hostel
  • Canteen

Land Area : 10.68 Acres
Total Built-up Area : 18893 Sq. M Total
Carpet Area : 13403.58 Sq. M

What an enrollment number of gtu shows?

enrollment number e.g. my en. no. is 100230119009.
this is a 12 digit no.
Its common syntax is like this

The first two letters shows the year in which you have got admission in gtu.For 2010 it shows 10 and so on.

Then BBB shows your collage code.For example my college gec, bharuch’s  college code is 014.

then CC shows your discipline e.g. B.E.,B.PHARM.,BCA,MBA,MCA,DIPL. PHARM.,etc.For B.E. it is 01.

Then DD shows your stream e.g. mechanical,ec,it,electrical etc. it is called branch code. For E.C. engineering it is 11.

And the last three digits XXX shows your number according to merit in your collage perticullarly in your classroom. 

Where do we get recent news of GEC?

  • Recent news can be provided by the website: www.gecbharuch.com and android application.
What is the passing marks for B.E.?

  • Evaluation system for degree engineering (B.E.) is simple and straight forward.
  •  100% weight-age is given to written exam (70% External Exam + 30% Mid Sem Exam).
  •  Internal Grade (Term work & Practical work) is consisting of 50 Marks but it is not used to calculate CPI or SPI.
  • Marks will be converted to grade and then to grade point.
  • Particulars Marks Passing Marks
    Mid Semester Test conducted by Institutes 30 12
    GTU End Semester Examination 70 23
    Total 100 35
    Term Work, Practical, Attendance, etc…
    (This is not used to calculate SPI or CPI)
    50 25

What are the criteria or range for grades and what is the grade point for different grades?

  • Marks 85 to 100 75 to 84 65 to 74 55 to 64 45 to 54 40 to 44 35 to 39 Leaa than 35
    Grade Points 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 00

What is the formula to find SPI?

  • SPI=ΣCi*Gi⁄ΣCi    (i=1 to n);
  •  Where SPI is Semester Performance Index,
  •  C is the credit of particular subject
  •  G is the grade point obtained by the student.
  •  Credit of the subject is multiplied with grade point and then SPI is calculated.Example : 
  • » Suppose you have scored marks as below,
  • Subject Credit Marks Grade Grade Point Credit * Grade Point
    Maths – 1 5 87 AA 10 50
    CPU 6 72 BB 8 48
    MOS 5 68 BB 8 40
    ES 3 78 AB 9 27
    Physics 5 63 BC 7 35
    Total 24       200
    SPI = SUM (Credit * Grade Point) /SUM (Credit)
    = 200/24
    = 8.33

What are the criteria for distinction, first class and second class for the award of degree in GTU?

  • » The proposed structure for the award of Degree engineering is as follows.
  • CPI Equiv. % of Marks Class
    5.5 or above 50 Second Class
    6.5 or above 60 First Class
    7.1 or above 70 Distinction Class

What do engineers do? They ask why and why not….

  •   Engineers are the world’s problem solvers. When you surf the internet, IM your                           friends, play the latest video game, drive across a bridge, fly an airplane or watch a                   digitally-enhanced movie on the big screen, it is the work of engineers that makes it                 possible. They turn ideas into reality.

 Is it risky to get admission for engineering in the time of recession?

  •  You have got 4 years to enter into Job Market. Hope for the better tomorrow and concentrate on excelling your engineering studies. See section Careers After BE & B.Tech. for variety of opportunities.


Why choose engineering?

  •  Engineering graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries for bachelor’s                          degrees in the nation and get to make a difference in the world



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